The 3 Day Damage Control Diet

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"So You Can Eat WHATEVER You Want On Thanksgiving WITHOUT Gaining Weight OR Storing Fat…

Every year Karen and I follow a specific diet and meal plan the 3 days before Thanksgiving so we can indulge and eat our favorite foods for the holiday with ZERO fat storage.

It's a strategic approach that rapidly depletes glycogen without muscle loss, slowing down your metabolism, or making your feel like crap (like most low carb diets).

Although there are many methods you can use to try and avoid fat storage ON Thanksgiving Day…

What REALLY Matters Is What You Do
The 3 Days Before Thanksgiving

That's why Karen and I created the 3 Day Damage Control Diet…

So you can eat WHATEVER you want on Thanksgiving WITHOUT storing your favorite foods as fat.

Most people think lowing carbs is simple.

Just count carbs.

However, most times this ends up being a trap and it's one of the many reasons the majority of folks never get the desired results they want when they try manipulate carbs for faster fat loss.

That's why you must avoid these 3 mistakes whenever you lower carbs…


MISTAKE #1: Eating the wrong low carb foods

Many times people automatically associate low carb or depleting with high fat, greasy foods or other unhealthy fake low carb diet snacks.

These are loaded with nasty hidden chemicals, unhealthy fillers and obesity additives.

The food combinations and choices you make while lowering carbs makes ALL the difference.

It's critical to use the RIGHT food choices along with proper timing, combinations, and portion sizes.

Karen and I lay this out for you step-by-step inside our 3 Day Damage Control Diet.


Only $7

MISTAKE #2: Lowering carbs at the wrong times

So many people hop from plan to plan and totally diminish the effect of structured carb depletion.

If you've already low-carbed yourself to death or been on the diet yo-yo, you should definitely take a diet break.

On the other hand, if you're getting ready to have a huge cheat day, like Thanksgiving, you're probably in a perfect position to take full advantage of the power of structured carb manipulation the 3 days beforehand.



MISTAKE #3: Lowering carbs for the wrong durations

When it comes to lowering your carb intake, more is definitely NOT better…

In most cases, you should rarely ever lower carb intake aggressively for more than a few days of the week.

However, there are specific times where it's advantageous, and even necessary, to strategically deplete for 3 or 4 days at a time…

Like the 3 days before Thanksgiving. :-)

This is why Karen and I wanted to share the exact same plan her and I use the 3 days before turkey day hits.

And it's one of the most powerful carb manipulation meal plans you'll ever use.

The Thanksgiving Solution:
The 3 Day Damage Control Diet


SPECIAL BONUS: We've also included an optional 3 day strategic exercise plan that works hand-in-hand with your 3 day meal plan to accelerate your results even further before the holiday hits.


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