The name really speaks for itself.

Simply put….

They are "deals".

They last for 1 day.....or maybe even 2 days.

That's about it in a nutshell. :)

Seriously though…

At random times, we either select products from our current lineup OR create brand new products and offer them at a super-discounted sale price called a "deal".

We believe these occasional deals will allow our subscribers to get more value out of our products and services while saving some cash at the same time.

It's one way we're "giving back" while still supporting our own families and employees.

And why are these deals only for 1 Day?.....

Because we can't overburden our support team.

There's always a huge surge of customers during 1-Day Deals and our support peeps, as efficient and super awesome as they are, can only handle so many requests at one time.

The benefit to YOU is that these deals are offered ONLY to our customers and subscribers during this 1 Day.

We're not allowing ANYONE else in our industry to promote them.  

Important: As long as you're watching your inbox for the next "Alert", you should have no issue getting in on a deal before the day is over.

This is an additional perk for being a part of the GL-12 "Tribe" (that's what we call it around the office).



And that's the story on our 1-Day Deals.

Thanks from all of us at GL-12!

Shaun and Karen
What are 1-Day-Deals?